If you suspect Urban Simplicity's solutions might be what you need to get your life back, take this quick quiz to find out for sure.  Check all boxes that apply.

Does it take you too long to get dressed in the morning because you can’t find clothes and shoes in your overstuffed closet?
Do you chronically pay your bills late?

Do you find yourself ordering take-out because your kitchen and pantry are overrun with cooking utensils, mismatched containers and food from who knows when?

Do you not remember the last time you sat at your kitchen or dining room table for a meal?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed in your own home because of mess and clutter?

Do you not have guests over because you’re embarrassed about the state of your home?

Do you have stacks of paper, old bills, and important family documents in multiple spots in your home?

Are you always missing your family’s doctor’s appointments, classes, and meetings?

Do you find yourself wasting money on duplicate purchases because you didn’t know you already had eight packages of batteries in your home?

Are toys (either your husband’s or your kids’) taking over your living room?

Have you spent hundreds on organizing products in the past but still can’t find anything?
Are you so overworked that your personal life is neglected?

Are there a ton of projects on your mind but you find yourself struggling to complete just one?
Do you often spend time looking for important papers?

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done?
Do you have difficulty keeping track of priorities?

Has your company grown out of your current office space but you have no employee resources to dedicate to planning the move?
Does the thought of moving make you feel anxious?

Are you downsizing to a smaller space and need help figuring out how to make space for all your stuff? 

Have you recently moved in with a loved one and find yourself with twice the amount of stuff you actually need?

Do you dream of completing a renovation project but feel like it’s not possible with all your stuff in the way?

Have you lost a loved one and need to begin the process of dealing with his or her belongings?

Are you an empty nester looking for a way to use your space more efficiently? 

Are you recently retired and have a million projects to complete but no idea where to start? 

Are you excited about a new baby on the way but overwhelmed and confused about how to make space in your home for all the new baby products?

SCORING : How many boxes did you check?

If you scored between 1-5: You’re more organized than the average person but you are not living the most efficient life possible.  A consultation with Urban Simplicity can determine how to make the most of your space and organize your life so that you have more time to spend doing what you like.
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If you scored between 6-10: Disorganization hasn’t completely taken over your life—yet.  You still have time to organize your space and your life before the situation becomes totally unmanageable.  Urban Simplicity will help you turn back the tide of disorder and give you the time and space to enjoy your life.
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If you scored between 11-15: You’re dealing with a lot more stress than necessary.  Urban Simplicity can help you relieve all that stress by organizing your life and giving you room to breathe.
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If you scored above 16: Your quality of life is being severely diminished by disorganization.  It doesn’t have to be like this: Urban Simplicity can take even the most disorganized space or busiest schedule and create order, giving you the time to take a breath and enjoy your life.
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